Blog Migration


For my biggest journey in China I created a Tumblr account to post every now and then some updates. Tumblr surprisingly was one of the few big sites which was still easily accessible in China at that time.

Since that has changed now and I was never that fond of Tumblr in the first place, I now finally hacked this blog together. I just spent a few hours on the new blog so there might be still some rough edges. If you are missing a feature or spot some annoying bugs, please just send me a message to blog at

If you are new to this blog, I recommend start reading with the China 2015 section on this blog, since on this journey I actually managed to write a bit about almost every city I visited. I plan to finally also publish the photos I made on my other trips, but even though I have my notes for the blog posts I originally wanted to write, don’t expect them any time soon.


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